About us

Agfrica.com is the platform for farmers and agric-enthusiasts to meet and share ideas on trends and happenings in the Agribusiness space. It is also a community where they can showcase their farm produce to potential buyers before harvest and also to meet and discuss with other Agricultural colleagues and experts.

Our platform reduces post-harvest losses and guarantees economic sustainability for farmers, while ensuring buyers access quality and fresher Farm produce at affordable prices. It also encourages discussions between Farmers and potential buyers in the Forums.


  • Ease Access and Visibility to Different Farmers Corporatives: Collaboration between farmers (producers), Processors and the final market is an important aspect for agribusiness to develop in Nigeria. Different Farmers work in insolation and never communicate with each other to make Nigeria food sustainable while also solving Zero Hunger policy of the United Nations Sustainable development goals.
  • Access to Complimentary Services:Agribuisness requires complimentary businesses and services to function properly. A wide range of these services and business are easily accessible to both sellers and buyers on this platform. 
  • Sell Before Harvest:Farmers have the opportunity to place their expected harvest a month prior for customers to make reservation of their produce. 
  • Buy at FarmGate Price:The rare opportunity to purchase agricultural produce at farmgate price and get it delivered at little extra cost at premium quality.
  • Improve communication: The forums can help form a key part of your communication plan, you can simply ask a question within the forum and see everyone’s responses in a clear and organisedl order.
  • Seek assistance and support: The platform creates an avenue for Farmers to seek advice and render support on agricultural issues encountered in their agricultural journey.



  • Livestock
  • Crop production
  • Input

Harvesting & Transport

  • Farmers
  • Logistics companies

Processing & Storage

  • Primary pprocessor
  • Secondary processors
  • Machinery supplies
  • Silos & Ware houses

Distribution packaging & Handling

  • Packaging companies
  • Logistics companies

Wholesale & Retail Markets

  • Grocery stores & Supermarkets

  • Food and Beverage Companies